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Acupuncture Ethics will also be offered during

the weekend with Leslie Myers, L.Ac, JD.

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Leslie Lynn Myers is an attorney, licensed acupuncturist, teacher, and certified graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

She is a frequent presenter in both local, national and international forums, speaking on topics such as ethics for acupuncturists, stress management, public presentation skills and bio-energetics.

You will learn:

Ethics and Professionalism the Law: the differences and similarities of ethical vs legal requirements and obligations. Includes a review of current Texas statutory requirements and case studies.


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Introduction to the Heart, Shen, Yi and Zhi as it relates to circulation and cardiac issues.

Differential diagnosis of cardiac problems and treatment strategies.

Circulatory system and treatment strategies for blood pressure problems, arterial and venus insufficiencies.

The Spleen and Pancreas and their involvement with the heat and Liver.

Treatment strategies for Cardiac, Hepatic, and hard to diagnose conditions (IBS, CFIDS, etc.).

Digestive complaints will be covered more deeply in Internal Medicine Part 2 next year in 2012.

Course Topics in Detail


There will be a handful of demonstration patients in this course.  Please contact us if you have a patient you would like to bring, or if you the practitioner qualifies as one.